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Attn: Active Match Players - quick post - what's your FH and BH groundstroke grip?

Which shot do you end points with?

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16 gauge X1 Biphase strings after 4 hours total (2hrs each) of hitting/drills. 2 against 1 for 2 hours with two 5.0 players, 2 hours of directional drills just now with a 5.5.

use a good multifilament and let the strings take all the abusing, not your elbows or wrist.. it helps if you string your own racquets i guess.

... :-) learn how to hit the ball away from the sweetspot, the strings away from the sweetspot are nice and round, unfrayed.  so you're not breaking strings that often. 

@ Am, you're maybe right.  :-)
Fh: semi western but more eastern than most
bh: normal 1h

i'd usually break two or three crosses if i were to keep playing with these frayed strings... i'm weird, i break the crosses faster than the mains.

anybody here think why that is? 





looking at the string seems the movement and friction is more on the crosses, my full poly set up always breaks on the mains, broke two rackets yesterday exact same string and same spot, usually 5 string in.

what shot do you guys finish points with?  lefties usually do a 2 or 3 shot combo of forehand sharp angle crosscourt, attack the weak reply with either an inside out forehand or inside in forehand, close the net, volley to open court. 



do you use a different grip other than continental when you come up at the net to hit the drop volley simmilar to the 2 or 3 times you did yesterday?  you have to teach me how you can get backspin with a little bit of sidespin on the ball.  that was almost federeresque.. 
I hit with heavy top spin on my forehand but with alot of pace, so I'll hit a ball heavy and deep to their deuce court so that when they return the ball it stays in the air long after the bounce, crush a backhand crosscourt. If they manage to get to it I've already closed to net out and put the ball away in the open court.


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