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Anyone interested in starting a regular tennis group to play weekdays evenings 3.0 to 4.5.


I'm interested in starting a regular tennis time weekdays evenings. If anyone is interested in playing regularly, getting back in form and getting back in shape, let me know. The more the better. We can play singles or doubles or mix and match. Let form a regular group.


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I'm game for a game :) Let me know.

Hey Phillip;


Thanks for the thought. Swelling is down considerably and today ankle can take a little of my weight. Still black and blue. It was a severe sprain but nothing more serious. I'm hobbling around but was able to sleep last night. I may be able to play next week.


See you then,


John W.

Are any of you of able to play this friday afternoon at 4pm (pasadena-south pasadena) ? I'm having a hard time with finding players to play with and I see that you guys play alot.


I'm 4.0 ..willing to play singles and doubles...Thanks!

hi MG.  we are going to play on thursday at 3:30 - do you want to join us at 4pm?

Hi Philip... I have  class at UCLA on thursdays otherwise I would join in with you guys..Thanks for the offer! would you be interested in playing on friday? Thanks.



not sure what everyone else's friday schedule is.  I could play friday at 4pm in monterey park but I am not usually in the pasadena area.  Happy to hit with you although I would consider myself more of a 3.0 player

Friday at 4 probably not good for me this week, but any other would be fine. I'm on deadline this week, but others I am completely flexible. We'd love to get you incorporated into the group, Mike. The more the merrier and there is often someone who drops out here or there for a day for a any given reason.


Phil, you are crazy... you are 4.0 easy if not higher... your modesty is a 10, though :)

see ranking descriptions here:

I really appreciate it Rock!


anyone else available this friday?

Okay so we are set for today at 3:30 with Rock, John A and myself at Cordova in Pasadena.  I am thinking of calling Teri to come and play since she is so close or if anyone else on the list wants to join us today - let me know asap.
or Rolando if you have his number.
yeah i thought of him too but i didn't get his number.  I think John White has it.  How about quinn?
My mom is in town which means I don't need to leave at 4:45 like I usually need to do.


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