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Anyone interested in starting a regular tennis group to play weekdays evenings 3.0 to 4.5.


I'm interested in starting a regular tennis time weekdays evenings. If anyone is interested in playing regularly, getting back in form and getting back in shape, let me know. The more the better. We can play singles or doubles or mix and match. Let form a regular group.


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thank Phillip.

Good luck with the documentary, and hope you have a pleasant holiday as well.

Thanks Pedro!

Hey Phillip:


I am getting my game back together after a three-month lay off to heal my shoulder. I hope to be back on the courts in December. See you then.


Happy Thanksgiving.


John W.

Holidays? What are these things I hear of? They sound nice.

Just back from a week-long trade show, and a magazine to pull out of my... hat, but Sunday night. I guess that is why I make the big bucks -- wait -- I don't make big bucks... hmmm... got to get out on a tennis court and clear my head :)


Looking forward to hearing about the documentary - good luck, Phil.

Glad to hear you are back, John!!!


These holiday things sound pretty nice on their own, but I guess you are supposed to wish everyone a nice one anyway?

Happy Holidays to all..!!!


(I'm still trying to figure out where the summer went and New Year's is knocking at the door.)


Not going anywhere here for a while, so available to hit... as Travis Bickle said, "Any time, any place..."

Hey everyone, 


I'd like to join in the group! I'm relatively new to tennis and from the LA area but I'd love to go out and improve my game and meet new people! Can I still join even if im not from Pasadena? :] Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and hope to hear from you guys soon!



Hey Guys is anyone making plans for INdian Wells?  i would love to talk to anyone who has been before i would really like to see Federer play in person - any tips hints or groups going would be appreciated.

I was there 10 years ago. Not much help but had a good time. A friend of mine's dad was in the concession biz, so we had a luxury sky box to ourselves, then at the end of the night, went down courtside and watched Anna K play women's doubles. Did the full tour that year. A couple of days at La Costa, and then a day at Manhattan Beach... (I had a crush on the Swiss Miss :)  Oh, you're going to see men play? Agreed, Federer up close would be cool.

Anna K huh?  yep she is definitely a hottie :) or are you talking about Hingis?  Either way a site to see.  Well if you are interested in going this year let's make some plans! 

yes, Hingis... okay, I'm old. The only one of those three I paid to go to was Manhattan Beach. I wonder if the Carousel News can get media passes... :)

Are you almost ready to hit again? Getting soft sitting here, though did play with Mike last week and John made his return for some singles. Been a long while since doubles it seems.

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys, Happy Holidays!

I had the opportunity to play at Indian Wells with the WTT league.

It was company sponsored, and lots of fun! I even got to take a picture with Billy Jean King.

Don't know much about the ticketing process, but please share any info, I'm interested in catching my favorite player for a match :)

okay will do !  just realized that it's the same weekend as the LA Marathon plans that I have so not sure how I am going to swing it all but just HAVE to see Federer play in person this year - how many years do we have left?  Will post anything i find out about people going etc. 

The best way to experience indian wells in my opinion is to go to the early rounds (1st or 2nd rounds).  You can walk around and experience the whole tournament.  1.  You can go to the practice courts to see most of the pros practicing up close.  2. You can hop around the different outside courts and watch the matches there.  It's a much more personal experience than the stadium courts.  I believe that that with a staduim ticket you can go into the outside courts for free.  It's a fun tournament to go to.  I will be there.


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