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Hi my name is Mike and I'm new to LA. I live near Plummer Park so I'm looking for anyone who wants to play there or other places nearby. I'm around a 3.5-4.0, and am looking for anyone 3.0-4.5. I work in the film industry so my schedule varies but I am pretty flexible and usually can make time almost any time of day. I do like playing under the lights at Plummer Park too! I can hit around casually but I probably would rather play games.

Let me know if you are interested!


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Hey Mike,

I am a 4.0, live near Plummer and Poinsettia parks, and can hit in the evenings after 6pm and anytime during the weekends. Email me at [moderator email removed-use private msg feature] to schedule somethings. Thanks.

I live right near both Plummer and Poinsettia. I like to play in the mornings, like 7AM to 8 or 8:10. I'm a 3.25-3.5 player

email me at [moderator email removed-use private msg feature]

Hey Mike,
Welcome to LA. Im just getting back into tennis - used to hit around 3.5, but prob around 3.0 now.
email me at [moderator email removed-use private msg feature] - could play at Plummer or nearby.

Scott Mahoy
I'd like to play in Griffith Park. I'm waiting to see what my schedule is going to be like during the week, but right now weekends are perfect. Let me know if/when you want to play!
Hi Mike, I am looking for someone to play some tennis with over the weekends, and Plummer is near me soo...let me know if you want to hit this weekend or some other weekend. Sat, night or Sun morning would be the best for me. Thanks.

I'd love to play. I'm probably about a 3.5 too. My schedule is very flexible, as I'm doing some consulting now but not working much. Love to hit during the day at Plummer and/or Poinsettia. Thanks.
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hey Mike,
I just moved out to LA as well, working in the production/film industry as well so my schedule is really flexible, trying to get back into playing tennis, but dont know anyone out here yet that plays, let me know if you ever want to go hit, I live just a couple blocks away from plummer park. I would say i am about a 4.0 player right now.

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hey Mike - i understand the varied schedule -- I have some of that myself but that said I can schedule a few days in advance with reasonable accuracy. Really want to play this afternoon but I know the site is not designed for that. I am 3.5 plus to low 4s depending on the day - hit me back - text is good 213-841-9436

hi there! i used to hit in griffith park and is available on evenings on weekdays and anytime on weekends.. let me know if you want to hit.. i am a 3.0.. email me at [moderator email removed-use private msg feature].. :)

I live right near there and am looking for someone to be a regular partner with. I'm a 3.5-4.0 player myself.

I, however, like to play first thing in the morning before work? Are you interested in some 7AM tennis?

i just started joining this site, and looking for a partner to play. i haven't been playing for years but would love to pick it up again to keep me going. please let me know if you're till looking for a partner
hey there! i'm a 3.0 and available to play weeknights 7pm onwards and anytime on the weekends. let me know. email me at [moderator email removed-use private msg feature]. thanks :)


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