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I've been playing for about 10 years now, and the backhand has always been a weakness for me. When I first started learning, my father taught me the classic one hander. Then at around 16 I tried the two hander, with better success. I've used the two-hander almost exlclusively since then (I'm 24 now), but lately I've been trying to go back to the one hander.

I can hit either way equally well (i.e. much worse than my forehand), with slightly more pace on the two hander. However, I prefer the versatility of the one-handed shot. It's easier to flatten out, hit up the line, and obviously to slice. I've been working in the gym alot lately to build strength, and I think to have a good one hander you need alot of shoulder strength and good technique. A good two-hander to me requires more core strength and is easier to groove.

According to the numbers, about 70% of the men's side (even more on the women's) is now using a two hander. What are your experiences and thoughts on this topic?

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Wwhat I realize is that the older you get the harder it is to use a two hand backhand shot, cus' it's demanding for the body. So, age is a factor to consider if you are changing tecniques or evolving into a better game using new techiques. One hand backhand offers simplicity but requires better control among other factors important to discuss case by case.
As a teaching pro, i can teach both, but i will always go to the 2 hander if its my choice..Young kids and older people are risking elbow injury if they dont hit the shot correctly, which most people dont..I always find that lower level players "pop" the 1 hander with the elbow..Their whole motion is elbow and forearms which is a quick way to get tennis elbow..

The perfect contact spot for the 1 hander is about 1 to 1 1/2 feet out in front, but In todays pro game the guys are hitting the ball so hard, its hard to catch up to that speed, so a lot of guys are going to the 2 hander to help battle this power.. They can hit the ball a little later and still generate tons of power.

The 2 hander is easier to generate more power for most people assuming they hit with the hips..Get a low stance with the knees bent, and snap the hips and left shoulder(if your right handed) into the ball. BUT if you hit a 2 hander, you must learn the 1 handed slice!! Balls that are too low or out really wide must be hit 1 handed slice.
My experiences have been a two hander all the way. Truthfully, both shots are extremely technical. You will find now that the tour is shifting gears (towards two handers). But this should be no indication of you changing your game. Both shots have their pros and cons. The thing that really changed is the way the game is taught. Basically the one-hander is taught far less often. This results in more professionals with two handers. Who knows, in 10 years it may go back!

No doubt the one-hander is the prettier shot. Looks better and feels better too. But my suggestion is to stick with what you are winning with. In the end. Winning a match might be the more important factor. If your backhand is the same both ways, then unfortunately, I dont know what to tell ya! haha

I stick with my two handed backhand and just use one hand for the slice (doesnt require a grip change anyway!)
I play with a two-hander for two reasons: 1) it was easier for me to learn; and 2) as a shorter guy (I'm 5'8"), it was too hard for me to handle high balls to my backhand side, unless I hit with two hands. But in a perfect world, I wish I did play with a one-hander, especially since I broke my left arm two years ago (I'm a rightie), and experience soreness once in a while after playing a lot.
that's why everyone needs to learn hitting the ball on the rise.
I do hit on the rise a fair bit, and that is also easier (for me) with a two hander.
Simple Choice- Just hit inside out forehands

Hardest Choice- Use both a one- and two-handers depending on how your game is on match day

You might be the rare 30% who play one-handers.
Or you could the few who can do both strokes in a match.
If you can master shot selection, your do twice massive damage on the court.


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