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Let me start by saying that I love Santoro. When he plays, I grab a drink and sit back to enjoy. I am personally sad that he is getting a little long in the tooth. I heard someone the other day call him the "ultimate pusher" and it pissed me off. I'll start by sharing some of his results with you:

Santoro -- Federer 2-8
Santoro -- Djokovic 1-0
Santoro -- Ferrer 1-1
Santoro -- Roddick 1-2
Santoro -- Nalbandian 2-2
Santoro -- Haas 3-6
Santoro -- Canas 2-1
Santoro -- Moya 3-1
Santoro -- Ljubicic 3-4
Santoro -- Hewitt 2-2
Santoro -- Karlovic 2-0
Santoro -- Lopez 1-0
Santoro -- Bjorkman 1-3
Santoro -- Grosjean 8-3
Santoro -- Kiefer 6-2
Santoro -- Sampras 3-4
Santoro -- Agassi 3-3
Santoro -- Becker 1-1
Santoro -- Connors 1-1
Santoro -- Courier 1-2
Santoro -- Edberg 1-3
Santoro -- Gomez 2-0
Santoro -- Henman 2-6
Santoro -- Ivanisevic 3-5
Santoro -- Kuerten 1-1
Santoro -- Muster 4-3
Santoro -- Rafter 1-1
Santoro -- Wilander 1-0
Santoro -- Safin 7-2

Wow! Right? Totally impressive. First off, I don't think any of these players could be beat by a "pusher". I think this guy was misusing the word "pusher". IMO, there is no pusher at the pro level. Maybe the word has changed meaning and I haven't noticed. But, to me, a pusher is a player that just tries to get the ball back in play. Now a "hacker" maybe the word he was looking for. Hackers are known for their junk balls and nasty spins. When I play tournaments, I meet hackers and pushers. Pushers are in great shape and just wait for me to miss a shot. And the hackers are chopping shots, doing drop shot/ lob combos, and moving me around the court to frustrate me - they're the guys that pull stuff out of their a##. Santoro is not a retreiver; he has a weapon - he hits with a variety of pace an spin and often is controlling the point. Just ask Safin. A pusher's only weapons are his mobility and his consistency.

Hackers dictate play and pushers don't. I've watched Santoro and he can dictate play. Right? Besides, I love the shirt.

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It was great to see this thread. I'm fairly new to Tennisopolis, and posted a somewhat similar topic to "pushers". It's good to see all of the different comments. I do believe that you hit it right on the button. There is a difference between a pusher and a hacker. And like you Fleabitten, I have came across both types of players in tournaments and leagues. To me, they are the most frustrating players to play against. By the way, I loved that guy Santoro!


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