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If anyone would like to introduce themselves, this would be the place to do it. This area could serve as a good way to find other tennis partners in the area.

So list out as much info as you'd like to have considered by another potential tennis partner.


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hi John - can you play in the mornings ?

hi! just joined this and was wondering if there are any courts in the carroll gardens area.. where do people play? looking for a partner....i'm intermediate, definitely out of practice, but want to get back into it.
Hey Everyone!!! My name is Angel - 26yr old female just moved to Brooklyn about 5 months ago and been too occupied job hunting and settling in. Well that's just an excuse but I have been dying to play tennis this summer (just ask my roommate - she'll tell you). It's still not too late - I am willing to play until the weather does not let me! I live right under Park Slope - so I am closest to Prospect Park. I am willing to travel into the city on the weekends or even right after work around the Financial District. I would say that I am about a 3.5 to a 4.0 player. I played in high school as well as a few years of college, nothing special! Just a bit rusty now and would definitely like to make the best of it before it's too late.
Hi everyone, I live out on Long Island but am in Brooklyn some weekends (I grew up here). I'm 28 years old and just began picking up tennis again recently.

The weather looks great this Columbus Day weekend -- if anyone here lives in the Gravesend/Bensonhurst area and would like to meet up to play, let me know!
I'm Lindsay, just joined and am looking to play some tennis now and then, I love the game but am pretty bad - if any one would like to hit the ball around and can deal with my skill level (until I improve :) let me know!

dear tennisphiles,
i think my tennis bio is similar to many of yours. i played a when I was a kid but dropped it around high school. I hit with a friend the other day and was pleased/surprised to discover I could still muster a decent rally. I am itching to just hit and wipe all the rust off my game, and run around and get some exercise and breathe in the cool crisp fall air while it lasts! Weekends are best but I might be able to squeeze in some weeknight games as long as there are lights on the court. I live near the Park Slope courts but have played in Ft.Greene as well, and am willing to play other places in bklyn as long as I can take a train--I've heard Bay Ridge has some nice courts that are almost always empty.
hope to see you/ play you soon,....
Hello. Can you hit this Saturday. It should be warm enough
Hi all!
I just joined the is group. My name is Jeannie. I don't know how to play tennis but I really want to learn. If anyone who has the patiences and don't mind teaching......please reply. I live by Kelly Park on E14th and Ave S in Brooklyn and I'm available on the weekday. Thanks.
Greetings All- Seeking M/F Doubles Partner to play in the upcoming Prospect Park League starting NOv 7. I captained a 3.0 USTA Team (Team McClellan) in 2008 and was forced to play a ton of doubles during the season to avoid defaults,etc. We went 5-5...missed the playoffs by a game. Had a great group of guys who competed every week...We must of set a record for tiebreakers played as a team last year. Would love to hit soon..i live in Brooklyn and will travel to ball, Yall.

Bill MCC
Hi everyone!
My name is Alex and I just joined this group. I'm 19 years old, male and I'm a college student. As of recent years I have been following tennis very closely and I have become a huge fan. However, I find it hard to meet anyone who shares as much passion for the sport as me. Personally, I just started playing some tennis so I"m SIMPLY HORRIBLE at it but I always wanted to get better at it but it's hard when there's no one to play with you and you are too cheap to pay for classes haha. In any case, I'm a friendly guy always willing to learn new things and very laid back and down to earth. Would be awesome if i got to meet someone in a similar situation or someone who is willing to teach me or something. Thanks a lot for reading all this! hope to hear from someone soon.
Hey everyone,
I Just joined this group, and here I am introducing myself. My name is Mir Anwar, 21 and a roughly experienced player. I have been playin ever since I was 12 but always casually and not consistently. I have been playing very hard to improve my game and I am looking forward to hearing from anyone of you for a hit around any day. Just drop me a msg and on or on this and I will surely get back to you.

Are there any beginners in the Slope or FT Greene that want to play? Do you have info about courts that you could offer? Indoor, outdoor, times most busy, cost, etc - I am new to this. I just want to play and learn and have fun. Not looking for romance (just sayin because I look pretty darn sexy in my photo.) I just want to play with fun but somewhat competitive beginners.


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