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Good job NC - big Group!

Hi. I started this thread for your group so that everyone can introduce themselves in here and say what they're looking for. As you probably know, I'm the site admin guy and I live in another timezone, but if I was here, I'd say:

I'm Mark. I'm 38 and the best bartender around.
I'm a ______ player (NTRP of about _____)
I've been playing for ______ years/ weeks.
I live near the courts at ______.
I like singles/ doubles.
I'm available on weeknights/ weekends/ crack of dawn.


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hi i'm maciel , from nyc. i have to come frequentlly to chapel hill where my son live. planning to be around the area next week would love hit/play someone in any level. i'm good 4.0
email me or call 917 4686969.
I'm Beth. I'm 25 and I just moved here to RTP with my husband.
I'm an occasional player (NTRP of about 3.0 when out of practice, which is most of the time, but I can rock a 3.5 after about a month of weekly play). I was a part of a league for 3.0 women in Columbia, SC and had a really good time playing with them.
I've been playing for eons.
I don't know where there are good courts or anything like that
I prefer doubles but I will play singles just to get on the court.
I'm available on some weeknights and most weekends.

All the best...
Hi. I'm John. I'm 39 and I'm a pilot.
I'm a beginner player (NTRP of about 2.0, I guess. I don't really know.)
I just started playing and would definitely enjoy it. I can't wait to get better.
I live in Holly Springs and I have a court in my neighborhood that never get's used. It's a shame.
I really don;t know if I like singles or doubles better. I'll play anything but you have to be patient with me because I'm just a beginner.
I'm available on weekdays when I'm home. I like to keep the evenings free to spend with my wife because I'm gone a lot for work. Send me an email if you're available during the day.
I'm Kobi. I'm 28 and a Software Engineer.
I'm a 3.5 player
I've been playing for on and off for 10 years.
I live near the courts at Durham 27713.
I like both singles and doubles.
I'm available on weeknights and weekends.
adrial said:
I'm Adrial, 29 y/o, live in carrboro. I would consider myself a 3.5 player (at least that's what Carrie, my 4.5 girlfriend says I am, so I gotta take her word for it). I've been playing ever since childhood, but just now looking into getting into competitive play in a league. I just joined USTA and am looking for people to get together with in Carrboro and hit around for good practice with a variety of people. My favorite courts to go to (if there's one available – they're packed!) is Wilson park in Carrboro. I prefer singles and I'm available whenever. I work out of my home for I'm my own slavedriving boss! ;)

If you're still interested in hitting with someone email me. I live in Durham off Fayetville St. and there's a court where I live.
I'm Mike, I played tennis throughout high school. I guess I would be a 3.0..I haven't been playing a whole lot lately but would like to get back into the swing. I live in north raleigh and would like to find some casual or competitive play in the area. I consider myself a better doubles player than singles.
Hi I'm Susie. I'm the dreaded 40.
I'm a 3.0 player but my pro thinks I am ready to be a 3.5. I have been playing since May 2008 but have played competitive sports all my life. I live in Wake Forest. I like playing both singles and doubles, I just enjoy being outside in the fresh air. I can play almost any time.
Hi everyone,
My name is Marloun and I'm an alcoholic. Oh wait... wrong group

I've joined this group a while back, but and only now introducing myself. I move to Raleigh about 2 mos ago, and at the time, it was too cold (for me anyways) to play. I don't know anyone in town, so I said to myself, "Self, it's time to meet some friends, and why not meet some that share's the same interest as you, ie. tennis". I've been rated as high as 4.5, but I think it's because the 4.5s needed someone to pick on at the time. I'd say RIGHT NOW, I'm a 3.0, and as time goes one, I may be able to get back up to 3.5 or 4.0, god willing. Other than that, I'm just playing for fun. I live in North Raleigh, but work in Wake Forest. I don't really care where I travel to, to play, as long as I'm playing. I'm open anytime on the weekends, and evenings after 5:30, so if any of you don't mind hitting, I'd love to meet ya. I'm not sure how to work the messaging system on this site, so my email address is

Take care everyone.
Hi Marloun, I work in Raleigh but live in Wake Forest. I am looking for someone to hit with. When would have some available time? The courts at Flaherty in Wake Forest are really nice.

My name is Rob and I am looking for fellow players around Chapel Hill. I live by Jordon Lake in Chatham County but will play anywhere in the area. I am a 3.0-3.5 - good serve, pretty good ground strokes. I like to play both singles and doubles. I have courts in my neighborhood that no one ever uses - what's up with that? I am available on some weeknights and weekends. Let's blow off the winter cob webs and get in great shape for the summer.
Hi, I'm Tae-Hyung, a graduate student at NC State. I'm 29 years old and studying cancer biology. I live near NCSU Vet School campus and I can easily get to the NCSU courts. I am beginner but badly want to improve myself. I am available to play weeknights and/or weekends. I'm so glad to find this group and I will look forward to seeing you guys at the court!
Hi everyone I'm Takis, I'm 22 and I'm the best cashier around lol.
I'm a beginner, I'm not sure what my NTRP is yet.
I've been a player for about 1 year.
I have a court in my complex River Point.
I like singles and doubles.
I'm available on wednesdays and fridays all day.

I haven't played since I moved to high point, so if theirs anyone close to me and want to play a match let me know. And I look forward to getting to know you all.


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