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Good job NC - big Group!

Hi. I started this thread for your group so that everyone can introduce themselves in here and say what they're looking for. As you probably know, I'm the site admin guy and I live in another timezone, but if I was here, I'd say:

I'm Mark. I'm 38 and the best bartender around.
I'm a ______ player (NTRP of about _____)
I've been playing for ______ years/ weeks.
I live near the courts at ______.
I like singles/ doubles.
I'm available on weeknights/ weekends/ crack of dawn.


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Hey, I'm Matt and I just recently moved to the Triangle area. I am 25 years old and just got a elementary teaching position and interested in real estate investing as well. I have been playing tennis for a few years now, but only about 3-4 times a year, and so I'm relatively a beginner. I'm fairly athletic and looking to play tennis recreationally or competitvive at least once a week. Looking to play on the weekends and/or during the week in the evenings. I live in Durham, near the Southpoint area, but willing to travel to Chapel Hill or any other local area to play. I'm not really familiar with the area and not exactly sure where I can find courts open to the public. I'd love to meet up with anyone that is interested in playing!
Hi - I'm Diane. I'm 45 and looking for a beginner tennis partner. I've been playing for a couple years, but nothing competitive. Just looking for someone to hit the ball with. I live in North Raleigh and am available most evenings or weekend mornings. If you are interested, please send me an email

Hi, I'm Jeff I've recently moved to Raleigh, right off Capital Blvd and am taking up tennis again. I usually play both singles or doubles at either the Millbrook or Spring Forest courts. I'd probably rate myself around 3.5 - 4.0 range. If anyone ever wants to rally or play some games for fun, just send me an email at [email removed - see profile] I'm free pretty much anytime after 5pm and on weekends. Hope to hit with some of you soon.

Hey all,
I'm Ryan, a 32-year-old semi-athletic guy who moved to the Chapel Hill in February after eight long years living the urban life in NYC/Brooklyn. I played a bit in high school, but have no idea what a NTRP is and figure I'd be a notch above beginner (2.0?). I prefer singles and playing either on weekends or after work (6 pm ish). I've played five(somewhat rusty) matches since arriving here, all at Hank Anderson Park in Carrboro, but am open to other courts with a reasonable drive from Chapel Hill. I'm reachable at the following email address: [email removed - see profile]

Hello, I'm Trang. I'm 38 and working in I/T. I haven't picked up a tennis racket in over 5 yrs but I think i'm probably a 3.5 now. I use to play high school tennis and tournaments when I was younger. So until I retired the first time:), I guess I've been playing tennis for about 20 yrs. I use to help teach young kids during the summer when I was younger. In college, I had a racket stringing business to make some extra cash. I live near some tennis courts on NW Maynard in Cary right down the road from Lowes Hardware (don't know the name but it has a dog park). I like both singles and doubles but probably would like to start out with doubles until I get my feet on the ground again. I'm available most week nights after 5 or 6 PM. Weekends are reserved for golf. If anyone would like to play, please let me know. Like I said, I am starting back again so I'm probably not in good tennis shape. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Hi Trang, I'm a 4.0 - 4.5 looking for people to hit with (I'm also new in the area, and live near Southpoint Mall in SW Durham). If you're interested, maybe we can hit sometime. Drop me a line at [email removed - see profile]. I'm also about a 17-18 handicap and don't have anyone to play golf with either, in case you'd be interested playing a round sometime.



I'm Melissa. I'm 20 and the best nanny around!
I'm a beginner player (NTRP of about 2.0 i guess)
I have been playing for a good amount of my life, but it's been a while.
I live near the courts at the school up the street from me? Holly springs cary area... (new to the area sorry guys) But I can travel some!
I like singles or doubles.
I am available about every thursday anytime, and any evening around 7 or later. and Sundays after church. (always dependent on my work)

I want to play a couple times a week! So let me know!

Hi, I'm Liss. I'm 23 and am a teacher who needs to get back into tennis. I'm pretty busy during the week, but when I have enough energy I like to play for fun and to get a little exercise. I played all throughout high school but have only hit around once in a while in the past few years. I'd love to get back into it on a regular basis. I live near the courts at Millbrook and I like singles. I'm about a 3.5 or so? I'm available 7pm or after weeknights and anytime on weekends. Let me know if you're interested in playing even once in a while! You can also email me at  [email removed - see profile]

Thanks! :)

I'm Jenny. I'm 24 and a Graphic Designer.
I'm a good, maybe rusty player. I played in College.
I grew up playing tennis
I live near the courts at Pullen Park.
I like singles.
I'm available on weeknights after/around 7. Ask me about weekends.

I would really love to play! Please give me a shout..
I'm Mike. I'm 29 and the best procrastinator around.
I'm a 3.5? player possibly. I used to play everyday, so I'm rusty
I've been playing for 18 years/ weeks.
I live near the courts at Dowtown Raleigh, but I also work in Cary.
I like singles/ doubles. Both
I'm available on weeknights/ weekends.

Hey all,
I'm Jake, 24, live off 15-501 in Durham. I've lived down here for about a year, but because of occupation (part-time sportswriter), I haven't met a lot of people. Would like to do that, possibly, through tennis.
Like to play singles mostly, although I don't mind some doubles.
I've never rated myself, but I play pretty frequently, so somewhere in the 3 range?
I'm free late afternoons, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.
Shoot me an e-mail: [email removed - see profile]

I'm Adrial, 29 y/o, live in carrboro. I would consider myself a 3.5 player (at least that's what Carrie, my 4.5 girlfriend says I am, so I gotta take her word for it). I've been playing ever since childhood, but just now looking into getting into competitive play in a league. I just joined USTA and am looking for people to get together with in Carrboro and hit around for good practice with a variety of people. My favorite courts to go to (if there's one available – they're packed!) is Wilson park in Carrboro. I prefer singles and I'm available whenever. I work out of my home for I'm my own slavedriving boss! ;)


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