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Introductions: who, where, and how good?
Hi. I started this thread for your group so that everyone can introduce themselves in here and say what they're looking for. As you probably know, I'm the site admin guy and I live a couple of states away, but if I was here, I'd say:

I'm Mark. I'm 38 and the best bartender around.
I'm a ______ player (NTRP of about _____)
I've been playing for ______ years/ weeks.
I live near the courts at ______.
I like singles/ doubles.
I'm available on weeknights/ weekends/ crack of dawn.

:-) See how easy that was.

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I'm Jennifer. I'm 20 and a student at USF.
I'm a pretty good person to hit with, the better you are the better I am. Probably a 4.0 but I need practice!
I have been playing for 6yrs (high school tennis team)
I live near Golden Gate Park with easy access to the bus to Dolores.
I like singles and doubles.
I am available on weekends and most week nights.

Hey Jennifer,

My name is Tony. I am looking for 4.0 tennis partner. I live in the Inner Sunset, and play at GGP Complex. Are you interested?

Hi, I'm Cyril. I'm a 30 years old guy from Paris, France. Just moved with my wife to San Francisco (for 5 years) and I'm looking for people to play with (mainly singles, but doubles are ok).

I started to learn tennis at 14 during 3 years. I have played almost once a week for the last 3 years, but I don't really know my level (especially with the US rating).

I live near the Glen Park/Holly Park courts, but I can move easily to Dolores Park (and maybe farther, depending on the meeting time).

I'm available at any time, as long as I don't have something else to do (which I don't have much these days)!

I like to play matches and rallies, but maybe more rallies because it helps me more to improve myself.
I'm Gemmy. I'm 24 and work/live in downtown SF.
I played tennis in high school and regularly with friends in college, but haven't played much the last few years. Want to get back into it. NTRP of about 4.0.
I play most often at the Russian Hill anne marble courts.
I like both singles and doubles.
I typically play mornings (9am-ish) on weekends.
I'm Jon. I'm 27 and a world-class multimedia designer.
I am about 4.0 - 5.0 depending on how lazy my feet are.
I've been playing for 14 years.
I live in redwood city...can travel to san jose or san francisco.
I like singles and doubles.
I am available weeknight and weekends.

New to the area from the east coast.
I'm Karen, mid 20s. I've played on and off before college, and resumed playing after college. Now I play about two times a week if possible, but am looking for people to occasionally play with on weekends. I'm in Mountain View, can go anywhere from Cupertino, Sunnyvale, MV, Palo Alto, etc. I love rallying, can play a few sets as well - mostly doubles, but singles is fine with me too! I like to run on the courts, so the more running the better! I haven't rated myself before, maybe 3.5-4.0, one handed backhand. Weekends are best for me.

I'm Kendra...26 yo. I work in San Mateo and live in SF. Used to play tennis pretty frequently but last few years have only gotten to play a handful of times. Would really like to get back into it. Looking for singles mostly, hitting/rallying or matches. Definitely looking for a good work out! I live in Bayview near some courts at a small park that are never being used (Youngblood Coleman), but can travel to Dolores or anywhere really. Also would be interested in playing on the peninsula b/w San Mateo and SF on weeknights around 6:30. Think I would be about a 3.0/3.5, though right now probably pretty inconsistent due to lack of practice! Please let me know if you would be interested in playing, the sooner the better!

I'm Cate. I'm 27 and live in Cole Valley.
I don't know my rank but I'm a fairly average player with a competitive bent towards improving. How does one get ranked?
I've played off and on for most of my life.
I live near the Golden Gate Park courts.
I like singles for now.
I'm available weeknights, some early afternoon on weekdays, and weekends.

My name is Steve.
I'm a 4.0/4.5 player and looking for someone to hit groundstrokes with.
I live near the Alice Marble courts.
I prefer hitting weekend morning (before it gets windy)
Hi my name is Ian and I coach swimming.
I just started but am keen to practice, or play. I think I am about a 3 or 3.5.
I live near Dolores Park.
Hi everyone,

I'm Jason, 27, and live convenient to Delores Park and Chestnut & Laguna courts. I've played tennis since I can remember. Conservatively a 4.0 player at peak, I've had a few years away... so I'm counting on time's kindness...

Historically a singles and doubles player, I'd like to start with a rallying partner. After work is inconsistent, but weekend mornings/afternoons would be terrific.
I am Leo, looking for tennis partners who would like to play at the tennis courts in SFSU or any other public courts around that area. NTRP level is around 3.5 to 4.0 . Please send me a message. Thank you


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