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I am looking for someone to hit with for the next 5 weeks while I am here on business. If you are interested, please let me know.


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hey there, my name is patrick. i play volleyball in pleasanton thursday evenings at a park in pleasanton off of hopyard. if you want to hit after 7 pm... let me know. i have not hit on the courts, but they seem to be popular and well lit. no drama btw, just looking to hit.
Unfortunately, the courts seem to get booked up really quickly. I Just checked for Thursday and the only availability is 9:30 for a half hour. Do you know of any other courts? Now that I know you want to play, I can try and get a court for next week if your interested, I only can book a week in advance because I am a non-resident. Let me know.

Thanks. No drama here either. Haha, that made me laugh.
sorry, the only reason why i say no drama, the few women i have hit with, think they are getting hit on by every guy that replies :)glad it made you laugh anyways. you have to book courts in pleasanton, even in a public park ??? what park or place do you go that you have to book courts ?? anyways, i'm about to go hit in a little bit, i will look up the park i play volleyball at and see if it's the case there. would you be willing to travel to play ?? i know u said u were out of town, i have a friend who lives in san ramon, fairly close to you who may be able to let me know where there are other courts.
I understand. I have never tried to meet people online so I just thought it was funny. The pleasanton courts are public but they are booked up. I would definitely be willing to go to san ramon. I have a rental car. Just don't want to go too far. What kind of team do you play on for volleyball? I am not the greatest player but I love volleyball as well. Let me know what you find out about the courts. Thanks so much.I hope we can work something out.
well, the volleyball in pleasanton in an online thing. it's doubles grass volleyball, co -ed. the play is decent and everyone is pretty nice. it starts about 6pm on thursdays. i used to play lots of volleyball but tennis has taken over the past 2 years. i will ask my friend about san ramon courts. let me know what nights you might be interested in playing, we dont have to play on thursdays only. not sure if i can check my e-mail at work during the days, sometimes it's blocked so here is my cell 707-386-8564. the girlfriend works sun -wed nights so i can also play those nights too. talk to you soon
I can probably do Tuesdays and Thursdays. I might have a meeting over in San Fran one day, but I am not sure when yet. We just couldn't play on that day. Let me know what you find out about the courts in San Ramon. I am starting on Wednesday to take some lessons at Livermore Tennis club I could see if they would let us book a court for a small fee and let you know.

so you are allowed to play on the nights your girlfriend works. Haha, you amuse me more and more.
hey there...glad i could amuse you :) hey, i'm the man in charge, she allows me to play on thursdays too !! :) got some info about other courts in the area but i think the best chance for us to hit is in Dublin, some courts off of tassajara, not far from pleasanton, maybe 2 or 3 freeway exits past hopyard on hwy 580. they look nice, not sure if they have lights, but if we start at 6pm, that gives us 2 hours to hit, play, rally. i can do tomorrow if u can, just let me know so i can pack for tennis tomorrow. how is your visit in pleasanton, i am assuming it is for work ??
That sounds perfect. Do you have an address for the courts? Tomorrow works for me, but I don't think that I will be able to make it until 7. Is that a problem? I have been working pretty late lately. Yeah I am here for work. I'm a full-time Grad student and my internship is Pleasanton for the summer.

Glad to know who is in charge:)

Pleasanton seems nice, don't really do much but work and go out to eat. I was in LA this past weekend visiting friends and this weekend plan to head to Napa to explore. Nothing too exciting. What's your deal? :)
dont have an address for the place. i just know it becasue i have played there. i think it really is exit freeway, take a left ...blah, blah, but i will look. we can carpool if u think that would be easier, but i think the park is easy to find. 7 is ok, we will only have maybe 90 minutes of good light, not sure if there are lighted courts, but is that long enough to play ?? napa shoudl be fun, i assume you're wine tasting then ?? no co-workers to hang out with, kind of stinks. this weekend, i have my first doubles match with a new team saturday, then gf stuff saturday night. she works sunday afternoon, if you want, we can hit sunday then go catch a movie or something, i know, super exciting. i can sympathize with you, used to travel for work once in a blue moon and if you dont know what's in the area, it can get pretty boring... i will elt you knwo tongiht about the courts and we are on for tomorrow then.
Hey, There is randomly a last minute opening for tomorrow night at 8pm for two hours at the Pleasanton tennis courts, but the fee is $9 per hour. Let me know ASAP if you want to do that instead.

I will probably have to meet you there because I will be coming straight from work and as is it will be tight. I can also try to find it online and get directions. I think that 90 minutes should be enough time, especially since I am out of practice:) Unfortuntately I can't really make it any earlier. This Sunday sounds great, unfortunately I promised my father I would go see some cousins down in Sunnyvale on Sunday. I possible could go in the morning, but I am not sure what time they are expecting me and it sounds like your girlfriend doesn't go to work until the afternoon. Thanks for the offer that is really nice. I am hoping to really improve this summer I have signed up for two lessons a week until I leave. Expensive, but I wanted to get as much play time as I could in before going back to school. Who knows by the end of the four weeks maybe I will wipe the court with you:)

Anyway, I am looking forward to playing and meeting you. I will pick up some tennis balls after work today. Definitely let me know if you find out more information on the courts. Thanks again.

by the way, you can email me at that might be easier than going back on this tennisopolis site.
I will leave the court choice up to you, we can do pleasanton or dublin. i can come up with the $$$. i will write more later. btw, you cant get enough lessons to beat me by the end of the summer, nto even next summer. ok, way to talk smack. i will use your email as you wanted. my email is no, it's nto what you think, it has to do with my pets, or you can text me on my cell. i will give you more info later. oh, i have lots of balls (tennis) so dont worry about getting any, at least for when we hit.
the only reason I thought Pleasanton is because I know the courts are lit. I don't really care. if you know for sure that we can play on the Dublin courts that works for me too.

I need details on your pets.


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