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Tennis Elbow more than just a pain in the Arm?

It's a pain in the butt, too.

To make matters worse, for a tennis player, the cause
can be from a number of things:

1. Weak forearm muscles (either pronating or supinating)

2. Stiff Tennis Racquet

3. Too Stiff Strings

4. Too Loose Strings

Fortunately, if we get tennis (or golfer's) elbow from playing
tennis, we can usually pinpoint how to fix it dependent upon
which "stroke" causes the pain

1. forehand

2. backhand

3. Serve

And then determining which side of the elbow actually hurts.

Once you match the stroke to the side of the pain, you can determine
(if you have a weak forearm muscle) which is the weaker muscle that
needs attention.

If the pain is on the inside of the elbow, you've got Golfer's elbow,
and if the pain is on the outside of the elbow then you've got Tennis

As you can see, it's not SUPER easy to figure out if you've got tennis
elbow or golfer's elbow, but it's not exactly rocket science either.

The pain in the butt comes from going through trial and error with string
tension, type of string, and racquet to determine the best combination.

I'm of the belief that even if you have a stiff racquet, we can manipulate
the type of string and the tension to at least ease the pain when we're
playing - If not eliminate it altogether.

And that's all fine and dandy, but the fact of the matter is there is some
sort of imbalance in our muscles if we're getting tennis or golfers elbow

So we need to do something to correct this ASAP or chances are that it'll
continue to hurt (since it's already tender) even if we have the perfect
string type & tension combination.

So, if you have tennis elbow (or are apt to get it on and off during season),
the first thing we do is to stretch that sucker out to allieviate the pressure
on the elbow.

And continue to stretch even after the pain is gone.

For tennis elbow, here's a stretch I use daily (for golfers elbow simply reverse
the stretch so that it hits the inflicted area).

Here's the stretch:

Step 1: Hold the TE arm straight in front parallel to the ground

Step 2: Grab the hand of the TE Arm, and stretch it downward

Step 3: Hold for 7-10 seconds, relax, then repeat 3-5 times
throughout the day.

If you have golfers elbow, just do the same stretch, but instead of stretching your
hand downward, stretch it toward the ceiling.

Do this every day. Every day. Every day.

Because from my experience, it's easier to continue this stretch than it is
to endure the stupid pain.

And that's exactly the reason I created this program to fix tennis elbow, frankly
I got tired of dealing with it... so I fixed it. <== Get rid of stupid tennis elbow (or golfers elbow)

You'll notice a lot of exercises in this program are found for free on the
interwebs - unfortunately, the exercises & stretches alone don't work (probably
why they're free).

With the tennis elbow stuff, I basically created a program step by step to get
rid of my elbow pain. Put up a few videos on youtube showing some of the exercises..

And after getting a BAZILLION views (actually only 127,000 or so), and TONS of
feedback asking for more, I just wrote down exactly what I did and made a product
out of it.

Yeah. that was it. Plus there's a ton of videos included in the program showing
and explaining how I did it.

So, if you have tennis or golfer's elbow, you can find info for free on the interwebs
that may or may not fix it, or you can grab this system and have it fixed in
10-14 days. <== Get rid of stupid tennis elbow (or golfers elbow)

Bold claim, I know. Because if you've had problems with tennis elbow before, then
chances are nearly everything you tried failed.

Heck, SURGERY even failed for this guy... he sent me this after about 5 days or
so after using this program:


Believe me that no one was more surprised then me when the pain continued in the
elbow after surgery. The surgeon just keeps telling me that ya, it could take up to
6 months and if what ever caused the pain originally still exist, that the pain may
continue as well.

Mind you I am not a jock, I am a computer guy. I don't lift much weight, use jack
hammers or anything of that type. The extent of the exercise I was given was to squeeze
a ball or play-dough.

I had just about given up hope the pain would ever stop. I tried your methods the first
day and was surprised I was getting some relief. I repeated it the second and third day
with the same results. The fifth day was pretty much pain free in that arm. What ever
the reason, it has made a dramatic difference in that arm and the other arm is in general
feeling better as well. Makes me think the surgery was unnecessary and your course gave
me what I needed to help myself.


For Gary, he spent probably THOUSANDS of dollars for surgery when he could have just
used a simple program for a few bucks and gotten rid of his elbow pain.

Mind you, I'm not a doctor... I'm not even a physical therapist. Some say
I just have a really good understanding about how the body works when it
comes to muscles and pain.

That's how the program was built. It was designed for MY elbow pain, so you know
good and well anyone that does anything for themselves isn't out to make things
worse. Especially when it comes to pain. And I think you'll agree that it's at least
slightly impressive that the tennis Elbow Solution was more effective than a doctor's
prescription of surgery.

If you've got tennis elbow (or golfer's elbow), save some time & money by going here:

talk soon,


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Comment by patrick m on September 8, 2010 at 2:48am
I would also add that a grip that is too small can contribute as well. I just recently posted some info on my blog regarding tennis elbow, at
Comment by Justin on September 7, 2010 at 8:57pm

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