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Greetings fellow tennis lovers. I am your new Vancouver Area Donnay Tennis Ambassador/Rep and I have the newest demos available in town! The previously difficult brand to demo and purchase north of the border is now available through me! If you are curious about what is happening with this iconic brand, go to their site, and contact me. I'm looking to set up a series of dates where I'll be on various courts throughout the summer where you can check out their products and hit some #FuzzyYellowOnes.  

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Amazing. Just yesterday I was wondering if the 10g butt caps (for Xenecore 2 Formula 100) could be sourced locally.  Any idea?  They want something like $30 USD including shipping from the Donnay site, which is nuts. 

Would love to try the newer racquets, and I have a regular match partner that's very interested in switching to these. 

Hi Bruno.

Thanks for replying.  I haven't been on here for a long time, I hope there are no rules with me announcing I'm a brand rep. Don't want to ruffle any feathers. I just want to make this brand, that I believe in, more accessible for us In the Vancouver Area.

I am making a list of accessories that locals are looking for because it's ridiculous with the shipping for one person to order. How soon do you need the butt caps? I don't have an eta on when I'm gonna place my next order. I'm trying to combine it with an order of sticks.

The new sticks are great. Something for everyone. I personally am loving the Pentacore ProOne 102. So Soft and buttery, but I know there will be a big demand for the Formula and Formula Lites because of the popularity of the Babalot design and feel. The newest ProOne 97s are a bit softer than the Quadcores and dropped in weight to match the latest craze with the Wilson Blades. Its a nice stick too. I could get used to the new 97s.

Thanks Rey.  Same here, haven't checked the site in ages as it seems to be a dead zone for our area. 

I'm in no rush at all.  Just something I thought I'd try.  10g may be too much anyway.  I tried a bit of lead tape inside there today and you can really feel it.  Haven't hit with it yet.  I have two of the Formula 100 Xenecore 2 so should be an easy comparison.  You might know that Klaus at NVTC is a big proponent of these sticks.

Racquets lighter than 300g and larger than 100 I don't think would appeal to me much, but I'm interested in trying whatever you have to share when you have time. Again no rush, and feel free to contact me directly here.  


Yes I know Klaus :)  He and I work together supporting the Donnay Ambassador Program in these parts. He's primarily in the North Vancouver side and services his clients at the club over there. I'm freelancing on this side of the bridge. 

Why don't you spread the word with your tennis friends, and give me a couple dates and times that we can meet at a court and you guys and try out the sticks. 

I'll also keep you posted when I place my next order.



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