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With Serena down a set and a break, she's decided to go back to her old trusted play: cheating and verbally assaulting officials. This was a nasty play and total display of unsportsmanlike conduct.


I can't wait for the post match press conference. There's got to be a video there.


Let's go Sam!!!

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Well stated Mark!  Serena is human and people are so quick to say something negative about her.  Face it, she has raised women's tennis and it has never been what it is today.  She is also the top paid female athelete.  She is human and she was fired up and that was blown way out.  Besides tennis is mental we have all thrown a fit on the court before, be honest readers................

I never have seen Steffi Graf or Martina Navratilova act like Serena. And they have more slams. They are human as well, but ended their careers with class. 

It's one thing to have a fit, another to berate a chair umpire and hint at physical harm.

Mary asked her what was going on during that time and Serena skirted around the question and never really gave an answer

The chair umpire HAD to give the point penalty as opposed to the warning call in the regular tour match where Serena did the same thing. The Grand Slam rules are different to the regular WTA tour rules. There is no playing a let or making a judgment as to whether Stosur had a realistic shot at the ball.

Secondly, I had originally picked Serena to win the match. I do not have a bias against Serena and I don't have a favorite female player. I hardly watch the women's tour. But Paul C., if someone is so intense, they must control themselves so as not to affect the concentration of the other player. It's called courtesy and it's in the rules. 

makes for great entertainment. hate that i missed this epic display of sportsmanship as it occurred. As tennis players we're always taught to display great sportsmanship and not talk bad about other folks, maybe that's why we haven't had many negative comments. Let me be the first. I despise this woman. She should be suspended, and fined 50% or more of her winnings. It's despicable. If the umpires are not allowed to defend themselves, then USTA needs to grow a sack and severely punish this behavior... then follow up with a drug test.



So she has been fined a whopping $2000. Whoever this Brian Earley tournament director guy is, he's a real softie. I want $2000 for having to endure watching the whole episode. j/k 

USTA is never getting tough when they would lose one of their main draws. It's all about the money. The money they make on Serena playing is bigger than any fine they could impose.


I don't see how. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I refuse to watch that narcissistic fake woman play tennis.

Well, we're talking about her. And she's probably the first name on the lips of alot of tennis fans when it comes to wonen's tennis. Not many people are thinking Zvonareva or Wozniacki as the truly best woman out there. 

I gave out free Serena posters two years ago to kids at a tennis clinic in my local area. The kids really gobbled them up. Not literally. lol


this forum is bugged, i did not reply here !!!!
I disagree with this statement!
Care to elaborate?
Sorry thought I was replying to another statment someone else made.  I actually think what you said is right on.  Just tired of people dumping on Serena when she has done so much for women's tennis.  Would like for people to remember that she along with us are human.  I think her excitment came from a good place but honestly there is only so much a person can take and she has been taking crap for years and still winning so people should give her some credit.  Sorry just venting my thoughts.


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