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With Serena down a set and a break, she's decided to go back to her old trusted play: cheating and verbally assaulting officials. This was a nasty play and total display of unsportsmanlike conduct.


I can't wait for the post match press conference. There's got to be a video there.


Let's go Sam!!!

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I have to agree, Chin. Even though it was good forehand shot, how does she expect to shout, "c'mon!" while Stosur was still swinging. Then Serena just dragged it out and rubbed it in to the chair umpire, who has to enforce the rules.

When she told the umpire that she was screwing her up again, or told the umpire not to look at her on the changeover, ugh. Drama queen! 

She bellows before the ball lands.
"Bellow" is the right word. lol Did you see that flying scissor kick forehand though? lol

Similar situation in Doha against Kuzzy and Serena apologizes.


"Aren't you the one who screwed me over last time here? Yeah, you are!..... that's not cool, that's totally not cool"


During the changeover she goes on a tirade


If you ever see me walking down the hall, walk the other way coz you're out of control. You're totally out of control... You're a hater and you're just unattractive inside. You're a loser and I never complain!... wow. What a loser. You give me a code violation because I expressed my xxx? We're in America last time I checked.

Can I get a water?.. Am I going to get violated for a water? Really don't even look at me I promise you don't look at me... Don't look my way...


What is that??? Any opinions?

Some comments have been that Serena is physically threatening the chair umpire with, "If you ever see me walking down the hall, walk the other way..." I don't know if she means she's saying she's gonna give her a whooping if she sees her, and the chair umpire better avoid her. But that's just bully talk, pure and simple.

I don't really think of that statement as a threat but more of an arrogant claim to supremacy. She does not want to be in the same room as the umpire thus the umpire needs to go the other way... Ridiculous! This had to happen following Andy Roddick's similar actions against Johnny Mac...



Roddick is in no way superior to Mac in playing ability. Mac, in his prime, would've ripped Roddick to shreds.
:) I'd pay to see that match!!!
1984 Mac vs. any year Roddick. You know that's a match!
I've gotta dig up some videos of Johnny's prime
If you look at the Videos you put up its the Same Chair Reff. Thats what she problly meant by Aren't you the one who screwed me over last time.. then got lost in the moment. What ever Stosure was the better player. who cares.. andy roddick is worse and Shrikapova


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