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How to change the pallet on a wilson racquet. Share and like...
Tools you will need.
* Grinder bit
* razor
* silicone glue
* pallet... from volkl fits best in my opinion
* Protection gloves
* rubber bands
* but cap
* nail gun
* patience
* small flat head screw driver
* double sided tape

I first grinded down the original mold as close as possible to the core of the racquet.
Then i used the screw driver to chip off the remaining mold.
I cut the volkl pallet to fit the length of the wilson handle.. be very careful not the break the pallet.. its really sensitive and can chip.
With the rubber gloves on i applied a large amount of silicone glue all over where its coming out of the cracks and spaces.
Add more glue of you see openings or spaces.
I tightly bound the new pallets to the racquet using a bunch of rubber bands.
I added more glue to opened spaces where the rubber bands moved the glue.
I have to wait 24 hours for the glue to completely dry and harden.
Once the glue is hard staple the butt cap on apply the double sided tape for the on top of the pallets add the leather grip. And done ready for play.

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