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Ever hit a banana shot on purpose? Sometimes during a match I'll hit the outside in banana ball on high forehands not so much on purpose... it's just that it just happens, and rarely have I hit one that sort of ducks around the net man and back into the court. I think I've hit one once, but it was hardly intentional. Most of the ones I hit are just regular ground strokes that are hit through the middle of the court. 


Do you guys ever hit them? On purpose or is it just natural spin based on the contact point.


Wonder if it'd be impressive to recreate it on video using a ball machine or if folks would think that it'd be too easy to duplicate?


If I were a lefty, the majority of the banana balls I hit would spin and curve opposite of Nadal's (rather than spinning across the body, it spins away - if that makes sense - lefty would curve left & righty would curve right)





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