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Hi this is CoachV here broadcasting from in Marietta GA for

3.5 Divisional Championships in Atlanta GA. MAAAAAATCH of the WEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jacob Christner 3.5
  • Male
  • Atlanta, GA
  • United States

Tennisopolite Who is From Atlanta GA Who is a Tennis Fan, Casual Player, Tournament or League Player & Also Played tennis for 18 years, self taught. Now I want to see how far I go with real training, and getting rid of the bad habits I accumulated over the years. Currently 3.5


in the Opposite Corner

Bryan Tuck 3.5
  • Male
  • Cumming, GA
  • United States

Tennisopololite Who is Tennis Fan, Casual Player . Some Things You May Want To Know About Me:

I will play tennis with anyone... literally anyone. just come play tennis with me please haha.. but really i love tennis. i've been playing off and on my whole life, but only recently rediscovered my real love for the game.
This Bout is about who is a 3.5 or a 3.0.
Winner Will be the 3.5 Champion And the Victim will known as 3.0
This match is schedule for a 2 of 3 set Fall.

this will be the last Reply.....   Who would like to be the NEXT MAtch up in Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi IM CoachV..... i organized the Bryan VS Jake Match,......

I am Looking for 4.0 players or BETTER to Video & Show Case on the Tennisopolis Forum.

I am Also looking for another Playing teaching Pro to go against ME...... around my age....30 plus....

I am Also looking to For Donations for the Atlanta Youth Tennis & Education Foundation.

IF you liked This and have been following it. Our Next Match we will ask for Donations of $1 or more in Support of the AYTEF. Winners will receive Trophies & a Prize. Thanks For watching and participating in this local event..

Please Donate to kids Tennis. I am Hoping to Raise at Least 1 Dollar per View & 1 Dollar per Comment. We have about 633 Views & 100 Comments...thats $733 dollars. That Amount of Money Can give 40-or more kids who are Underprivileged & at risk about 1 whole Month of Free Lessons Monday thru Friday.  So Who is With me on Doing This for the Next MATCH OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love it!

You have to take some pics and videos to post to 'opolis.  Are you taking wagers?  Just kidding!

Ha ha ha, what is this?  Humiliation for the loser?  Or validation for the winner?

I have play both Great players. In 1 hand Jake might have more playing experience. & in the other hand Bryan had a lesson with me and is using my k-factors.......which both racquets have helped me gain high ranking. It is an even match.

Love this idea. Now we need to hear from Bryan.

Lets Hold the Match at

tennis Spectators in Sandy Springs: If you are in Atlanta I can get you a free 1day Guess Pass to the Club & Both Guys will play on Pistol Pete's Tennis Court = Court #1 We have a good viewing area there. I can also offer a Tennis free Clinic Afterwards. for those who come to the match to watch.

Nice marketing job CoachV.  You ought to travel and push "Opolite" matches all over the country.

What channel is it gonna be on? Is it Pay Per View...anyone want to go in on it?

What's the Spread?  the over under?


Ha!  I need to see some videos of Bryan playing so I can make my pick.  I have seen Jake, so I just need both sides of the equation.  Any vids of Bryan on here V?

Dude, if you are using that match as an example of seeing me play, then I feel for you. Hell, I feel for me, haha

bryan has been playing for like 1.5 years.  He Bought all three of my kfactors He took to my coaching very well. We were able to have a strong rally for his level. I think it will be a good match since jake says hes a 3.5... but this could be an EYE opener for both players. Knowing what your level is & then fighting to get better. so its a 50/50 bet.

Are you setting it up with Bryan? I called him and he didn't answer my message. I'm ready when he is.

I have just finished getting off the court with Jake. 9am today 2/9/12

he was looking good getting ready to play in a 3.5 flex league. against a 4.0

good luck!


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