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Lets get this area of the forum going. It doesn't have to be tennis related I guess. But I'll throw one out there for you to chew on -

It is SERIOUSLY distracting for the service returner to return the missed first serve when it is clearly going long. Like, what? Am I your freaking ball boy? I'm trying to serve here. It kills the rhythm to stop between 1st and 2nd serves to clean up after your lazy opponent.

OK, glad I got that off my chest.
Can anyone please concur and let me know that this is a reasonable request. :-)

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How many warnings did he/she give?

Do other members run into players who NEVER supply new balls?
Or they bring the same tube of dead balls over & over?

I'll admit it's sometimes hard to remember whose turn it is, especially if you're playing different people different days,
but you have to know it's your turn SOMETIMES.

I used to know a guy who carried around an unopened tube for who-knows-how-long.
When he finally popped the metal top, there wasn't the usual "whoosh" of air because he must have
broken the plastic at some point and let the pressure out. Balls looked nice, but played dead.

YES, some folks don't have a clue.... but not many!


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